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ratatii de la hunedoara

From Carbunesti-Cola ‘s username? Yes, to surprise of many, Carema have asked if I made it my is a litter called Octavian (who does not know any better and believed to vb has value, if you attack me).
I know that shooting, but frankly the thought is so rubbish. Unfortunately the room we stayed with them 2 months, but this time they have never given vacuums (may not even know what a vacuum cleaner for him the country still use my broom).
this garbage, which go to college and he sees the country.
I do not consider myself a star, but it seems that we value so high I ataca.immanuel Kant said:
„value is on your enemies.” but enemies? this, that any Windows computer does not know to install it? and map to be friends on this list is ragamuffin, careeste student in geography and when leaving mountain group eat, drink and smoke on the back of colleagues and that is home boasts Aston Martin.
worst scared man in the world to Romania with specific smell :)))) worst man in the world care Romania scared to smell specific :))))
as seen in the posting of any language Romina can not masters, and is great value ”
with these two can not discuss. if others do not take anything from pop to bataie.pot Vlad salt and 2 give examples:
1.incarcator Sony Ericcson and if iam said jumped to beat.
2 when I moved the cable network worth 10 lei no more given.
I think these guys to get one if they put a shoot with me, but do not have the guts to make YouTube account with their name.