MESAJ pentru Corduneanu IRINA

My name is Serghey Kozbotov.m at ami good with Florin Cirstea.meabe will ask you why I write this post, I will answer: because I got tired of your vedeta.Ce solve ffigurile that you send your are on the staff of District 1, Mr. Leuca? Think scare wolf sheep cell?
Dear Mrs. Corduneanu, it puts your employees to call the number hidden Florin giving the agent Politie.Pe 13/01/2010, at 12 o’clock, he called a type, as expected with the number hidden, the Florin.I asked me I said and started to threaten me (actually Florin).
I advise a friendly end to the game miserable and despicable, because besides the fact that you will destroy a very good reputation of the school EMANOIL Ungureanu, you will not be intimidated.
Lord you’re a daughter of high school, but without character.
How can you threaten a leva as outside the home, if you see outside school with a boy?
It’s a free country and you, with your president not to dictate, help, mian of either super teacher Mrs. Mariana.
Gave law you can not have two incomes from the state, and this gentleman teacher Plato (which I have nothing personal with him) does not work illegally?
In conclusion: this cheat temina your theater.
Florin has health problems and when it is in town, I will send it.
p.s.-saptamina trecuta am descoperit ce mica este lumea.un var de al atatlui ei, membru marcat al U.D.M.R Bucuresti.,ESTE FOARTE BUN PRIETEN CU MINE.Lasa fata in pace si nu te mai lua de ea fara motiv,daca nu stiai UDMR SUNT LA GUVERNARE si NU CRED CA TI-AI O ” VIZITA”DE LA MINISTERUL INVATAMINTULUI.


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