My life has changed BIG WITH NEW JOB. ACTUALLY THE OLD JOB.TOTUL Everything goes well Pina A Complicated With the advent of girls in my life (for technical reasons I prefer not to say names). Everything was A VIS.CHIAR believe his (ACU `ACTUALLY THINK MORE that EA is NEFERTITI reincarnated) IN LOVE AFTER MUCH NE TIMP.UNDE We meet KISS, DO NOT CARE FOR LIFE NIMIC.PINA gave me the first slap: MOTHER NO MA SOACRE ACCEPTAT.MOTIV? Banal ONE, BUT THE MOMENT He made to hate Hungarians (EXCEPT E, Because I loved). Thinking REAREALIZAT d better not worth to think ASA.AU following the day of horror. AND HOW MY BEEF was only Chaos, So CONTINUAT.LA us as anyone: A DAY LOVE, 5 with tears (not saying you can not Enemies PT URI INSTANTLY WHEN LOVE)
Speaking BEFORE WE MAY be loved than a year I was DUSMANI.ERAM in every sense: Tom JERRY.CA gonna be all „A shady also appear keen on revenge, like to kill his mother-SOACRE he promises HELP .

WHY LIFE IS BLACK SAA? I swear there are times when I feel like LAS MAY NOT KNOW ALL OF NOTHING SA flotation device. (I am not referring to drugs, Cause NO AST sport.)
How can a mother-I want RAUL ONE’S DAUGHTER?
I do not care What have I got, but why not stop only at me and engage in compromise and liquid-PT A GIRL?
IN OVINERI GET INFO AS A A A shady He wants rid of her.
HOW EVERYTHING ERA Pink „My grandmother was in the hospital, NEWS THAT WAS LIKE A BOLOVAN.INCAPATINATA as is the ACU` (unfortunately) NOT AVRUT SA MA ASCULTE.AM crying all night Cause a hair ERAAM LA SA A LOST forever.
OVER That night I swore I prayed to God not to let the SE DUCA.RUGACIUNI and tears He was everything I could have given SMS FACE.I all night and begging NOT A DUCA.SPRE morning after Perin UDASEM OVER PHONE CALL (ERA CIRCA at 8). was she.
I remember I fell out of bed When I heard his voice and he said VOZ NOT LAST LOVE DUCA.OARE it to that I wore did not leave her?


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